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July 30, 2009

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For the painting company aiming to comply with the green requirements of a building, having a deep commitment to be a part of the facility’s core environment team means bringing in the needed knowledge and expertise to deliver painting services that are eco-friendly and cost-effective at the same time.

Painting companies know that although low- to zero-VOC painting formulations maybe more expensive than regular paints, the long-term benefits far outweigh the initial investments. And in the hands of skilled painting company personnel, the ecologically-friendly painting products and materials applied will contribute greatly to improvements in the indoor and even outdoor air quality of the building.

With the help of qualified painting company contractors, facility managers can choose the right painting products to protect and repair their facilities. Veering away from solvent-based paint, for instance, may have added cost, but are less damaging to the environment than regular solvents, as most painting companies know. This also applies to primers, enamels, finishes, top coats, and glosses. Chemicals and other toxic substances that are used in the manufacture of coating products should be avoided, and potentially harmful processes such as surface preparation, blasting, and even waste disposal should be properly executed by the painting company to limit damages.

With human health and environmental safety as the main goals, painting company contractors implement repair and maintenance work using the most ecologically-friendly paint products, materials and application techniques to complete the green building initiative.

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