Greener Paints for Your Building?

July 4, 2008

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As environmental consciousness becomes more mainstream, more buildings are going green not just in their construction phase, but throughout their entire life cycle. Maintenance planners looking for environmentally friendly materials and practices for their building will find a host of new products each year that deliver a greener building. Here are a few types of paint that are cleaner and greener.

100 Percent Acrylic Paint: Marketed for years as a top of the line paint, 100 percent acrylic is a very good choice for a greener paint. The paint has a very low VOC profile and is suitable for a wide range of painting applications. Good resistance to dirt pick up and cracking, good drying time and availability in a nice range of pigment volume concentrations are just a few of 100 percent acrylic’s characteristics. Now 100 percent acrylics can add “being green” to its list of desirable qualities.

Milk Paint: This paint replaces the petroleum based binders used in other paints with milk proteins, clay and lime. Milk paints are delivered in a dry powdered form and mixed on site before use. Like milk, any used solution must be refrigerated between applications. So far, milk paint has seen most use in private homes. Some of milk paints qualities have made it of limited use in the commercial and industrial painting field, particularly its somewhat poor mix consistency and poor application characteristics. Some special-purpose facilities, such as museums or historical structures, may find its more vintage finished appearance a plus.

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