Guide To Grocery Store Painting

May 20, 2021

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In the grocery industry, competition is fierce. Shoppers have numerous options to choose from — especially with the emergence of online grocery delivery. While the selection of food items is likely what keeps customers coming back, the design and aesthetics play a part in attracting patrons to your business in the first place. Painting your grocery store can help you stand out in a flooded market and keep the facility fresh and inviting.

Importance of Grocery Store Aesthetics

The current quality of your store’s paint job has a direct correlation to your brand and how customers perceive it. In a market as sensitive as food supply, chipped or dirty walls can give the impression that your food isn’t up to par.

Updating the color scheme to reflect contemporary styles can help entice new customers and make them feel welcome. Painting is also important if you’ve gone through any rebranding or logo changes — your aesthetic should be cohesive inside and out in order to convey a sense of professionalism.

Aside from visual appeal, consider these other factors that could influence your painting project:

  • Budget — Before you choose a paint color, consider how much the project will cost. Establish a budget, then contact a trusted contractor for an estimate. Determine whether you will need to close the facility during the renovation. If so, make sure you have enough funds to cover lost profits.
  • Marketplace competition — If you’re not the only grocery store in the neighborhood, scope out the competition. What attracts their clientele? How does the design compare to yours? Don’t copy their look but draw inspiration from others.
  • Paint color psychology — One element of painting that is often overlooked is the power color has to influence customers. For example, red, yellow and orange are exciting and impart a sense of urgency. Blue, green and gray encourage open-mindedness and neutrality. Identify your business values and choose a color to match.
  • Areas in need of paint — Decide upfront on the scope of your project — sometimes you don’t need to start from scratch. Determine which areas require attention, and don’t forget the exterior!

Maintaining a clean appearance in your grocery store can create a better experience for your customers. Every facility is subject to natural wear and tear, so freshen your space and reap the benefits. Plus, take the time to reseal any cracks or leaks — your building will appreciate the TLC.

Choose Raider Painting

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