Guidelines for Commercial and Industrial Paint Projects

September 13, 2011

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Commercial and industrial structures, unlike residential projects, require constant maintenance which incorporates the special paint job. Yet, painting projects for commercial and industrial ventures are often very dissimilar in scope and execution than, a single-family home. There can be, however, some simple tips that landlords and property owners can follow that may expedite the process and make sure the painting job is finished to satisfaction:

Scheduling your Painting Project in Advance

Scheduling is always a necessary component to any successful painting project and it becomes increasingly essential with larger commercial or industrial buildings. Prior to even beginning a consultation, have a general vision in mind of what you would like to have completed. Additionally, bear in mind any time restraints which can arise and periods of high commercial traffic which may be inconvenienced by any important painting upgrades.

Think Through the Feel and Brand of your Commercial or Industrial Building

Commercial and industrial painting is some of the most efficient methods to solidify a cohesive brand image. Think about what sort of image you would like to present for customers and work based upon that. Painting of this variety needs to be used to spotlight your goods or services and shouldn’t be disruptive in its general appearance. This procedure may necessitate consulting with employees and customers over what works and what doesn’t work with the current paint job of your commercial or industrial building.

Think about a Green Paint Job

Paint manufactures have made leaps and bounds in the past few years, creating a number of environmentally-friendly products. A paint job featuring a reflective coating could reduce the energy costs of your commercial or industrial enterprise. Of course, there can be the additional environmental benefits involved in the production and application of such paints.

Maintain an Open Dialogue together with your Painting Contractor

For any huge scale project to be successful, it’s imperative you maintain a dialogue with your painting contractor. Prior to the project begins, you and the commercial or industrial painting contractor must have the same expectations and the same visualization for what should unfold. Last minute changes can easily cause headaches for all parties and derail the commercial or industrial painting project’s efficiency.

Fortunately, most painting companies pride themselves on establishing an open and communicative working relationship with any commercial or industrial property owner. Seek a painting company that can assist you throughout the entire process. Work with a painting company with years of experience and a good list of satisfied customers, who is bound to have your building painted to your specs and satisfaction.

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