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June 20, 2012

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A Healthcare Facilities Manager’s role is a more crucial version of a Facilities Manager role as it is in a healthcare setting where an oversight of a problem can bring about a life-or-death situation for some patients.

A Healthcare Facilities Manager’s (HFM) key responsibility of external upkeep includes the facility’s aesthetics such as lawn maintenance, keeping windows and flooring clean, excellent paint job, maintaining clear driveways and uncluttered pathways. Normally people are less critical of building structures in general but when it comes to a hospital or other healthcare setting, they tend to scrutinize every little detail. Windows blurred with greasy fingerprints, cracked floor tiles that pose a falling hazard, peeling paintwork or un-mowed lawns can project a substandard corporate image. It will appear as if the patient service provided is haphazard and instill little confidence in visitors, prospective patients and customers. Projecting a good image is always vital in the healthcare sector.

Besides maintaining a good corporate image, the HFM’s major day-to-day responsibilities include ensuring all heating, HVAC, ventilating, and refrigeration are properly functioning; water, electricity, and other utilities are operating at efficient levels. He works closely with contractors or internal personnel to adhere to maintenance schedules. He is expected to conduct frequent inspections and have inspection reports generated. He oversees all building repairs and renovations, and may have to co-ordinate work with other HFMs of facilities beyond his scope of responsibility.

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