Heavy Machinery Painting Activities

March 3, 2010

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Wherever there are large-scale construction and engineering projects, there are heavy machineries and equipments busily doing heavy work such as earth-moving, weight carrying, and physically strenuous tasks. The tremendous amount of forces involved in operating these machineries can inflict abrasions and damages that can lead to physical deteriorations.

Before the wear and tear gets worse, machinery owners enlist the help of heavy machinery painting contractors to conduct needed refurbishments.

The processes used by heavy machinery painting applicators do not differ a great deal from ordinary industrial painting applications, except that the former are larger in scale.

Heavy machinery painting applications usually start with preparatory surface cleaning using a high-pressure washer. Machinery surfaces almost always accumulate a lot of dirt and grease from daily activities, so a good de-greasing should also be done. For old paint removal and to eliminate surface imperfections, the entire surface is blasted smooth and allowed to dry.

The paint application process is a thickly-layered multi-coat system composed of an initial primer coat, a second coat of high-performance paint, and a final coat to seal the coating system for durability and damage resistance. In cases of paint imperfections, a layer of touch up coat is also applied.

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