Height Issues in High Rise Painting

September 7, 2010

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Towering buildings need maintenance and clean-up like any regular building. To some extent, they even need it more than the latter. Their height is the major reason why.

For one, their very height makes them visible even from afar. 20-plus-storied buildings can stick out like eyesores in the city landscape, if they are dirty and deteriorating. If they jump out of the general landscape from long distances, they should jump out gleaming and beautiful from a well-executed high rise painting project, instead of ragged and looking the worse for wear. The city fathers and the general populace will not appreciate an ugly-looking high-rise marring the attractiveness of the landscape.

Another issue that high rise buildings face and is height-related is the presence of air pollutants emitted from human activities down below. Smoke, smog, and toxic gasses from vehicular and industrial emissions rise up into the atmosphere. Tiny particulate matters can settle in the exterior of the high rise building. They can lodge in the crevasses of the textured surface. Together with rain water from inclement weather, these dirt particles can streak the building with long dirty-looking lines and stains, badly needing a good high rise painting job.

In conducting a high rise painting job to restore the good condition of the building, the factor of height also plagues high rise painting contractors. The wind at high altitude can really swirl hard and unpredictable, giving rise to safety issues. Furthermore, the transport of men, equipments and materials up and down the building can be a logistical challenge. Even normally simple tasks like sourcing water or mixing paint can be a hurdle in high rise painting projects.

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