The High Costs of Building Construction and Maintenance

April 12, 2010

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The construction industry often has the reputation for being one of the major resource consumers in the country. Buildings and facilities consume so much electricity to support daily operations, using up around 70% of the nation’s electricity resources every year. On top of this, the building industry is also a consistent top consumer of water, as well as construction materials like wood and concrete, among others. Albeit, such high resource consumption is attributed to the necessity of providing critical services to building visitors and occupants.

Conversely, while the building sector accrues astronomical costs for basic resources such as energy and water, it is also notorious for generating harmful operational by-products. Facilities collectively generate higher carbon dioxide emissions than any other sector in the country. Waste disposal has always been an issue with facilities, compounded by the fact that waste generation does not let up at all and instead continue increasing every year, as more and more buildings come into existence. Pollution levels are kept within reasonable levels with stringent building practices, but only barely. The resulting environment is one that can potentially and negatively affect the health and safety of human occupants.

With such high costs in terms of resources and impact, the Green Building Movement is looking more and more appealing to building owners and the painting companies who deal with these costs everyday.

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