Elongate the Useful Lifetime of Steel Structures

December 2, 2011

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Sturdy steel is perhaps among the most important construction materials in the world. It’s strength and hardness makes it a preferred choice for many building projects, particularly involving the development of major structures.

Though, steel is also a vulnerable material due to its carbon-rich composition. Carbon-based materials are prone to damage caused by oxygen and moisture. As time goes by, any engineering structure that is determined by steel materials degrade severely due to the onslaught from the elements.

To elongate the useful lifetime of steel materials, steel structural painting is usually done to clean up any damage on the steel structure and supply it with maximum protection against future damage. Steel structural painting is a price-saving alternative to replacing parts of the damaged structure altogether.

A steel structural painting contractor selected for the project should have good quality control programs and application plan for the project. The implementation plan should adhere to an agreed time plan with the facility manager.

A proven work history in steel structural painting preparation and application is also essential in choosing the steel structural painting contractor, which involves a superior understanding of high-performing steel paints, and adherence to recognized painting application standards.

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