The High Rise as a Painting Contractor’s Work Place

September 8, 2010

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In painting repairs and maintenance of high rise buildings or skyscrapers, one of the major logistical issues that a high rise painting contractor has to deal with is the mode of access to the building’s target surfaces.

The system to access the building’s exterior will not only serve as a means to transport workers, equipments and materials up and down the building, it literally serves as the work area wherein the high rise painting crew spend most of their time on.

High rise painting contractors either use swing stages or abseiling techniques to conduct their painting activities. Swing stages are suspension scaffolds that hung in ropes or cables, with a platform that carries workers and materials along the length of the building. Abseiling, on the other hand, is a technique wherein the abseil access personnel rappel down the building facade to do high rise painting.

Whatever access method is used, certain important elements have to be in place to reduce the risk of setback to the high rise painting project. Elements such as a secure anchorage that can support the weight of workers, tools and equipments. The support system should be able to bear stationary and moving loads. It should have a fall protection mechanism in place, consisting of personal fall arrester or guardrails. The stability of the access system should also be assured, and it should comply with existing safety standards. Any electrical hazards should also be dealt with, to diminish the risk of electrocution at close proximity with power lines.

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