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September 10, 2010

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High rise painting contractors are often called in to restore the high rise building back to its original beautiful appearance. The tasks that high rise painting contractors perform in line with building repair and maintenance are varied and numerous — and they are done up in the air for most of the project duration!

The most common task assigned to high rise painting contractors is to clean the building’s exterior surfaces first. This is no easy task for towering multi-story buildings. The highest levels of the building, in particular, can be smeared with dirt from air pollutants rising up and constantly hovering in the city.

Once surface cleanup is done, the concrete coatings are re-applied when there is any amount of coating damage, such as chipping, peeling or cracks. When required, another coat of protective coating is also applied to extend the coating life, and perhaps another film of decorative coating to restore the original look and color of the building exterior.

The high rise painting crew often work the walls using power washers handled carefully, constantly conscious of the long drop below and the pull of gravity working against water outlets, hoses and equipments. The crew work against time to mix and coat the surfaces, conscious of the working pot life and the drying time as they apply the coatings. A steady work platform is nearly nonexistent, owing to wind and weather turbulences. When the wind picks up, the crew will be forced to stop working for safety reasons.

The work is long, tiring, and demand perfect execution and attention to details. High rise painting contractors work with the altitude, weather, and gravity. A simple high rise painting project is actually a minor feat of human ingenuity.

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