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February 7, 2012

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It is very difficult for a facility manager or building owner to perform maintenance tasks and repairs on his or her own and doing so may impede how well the company operates. Repairs and maintenance consume large amounts of labor and time. So this work is best completed by a professional.

This post is designed to offer some basic information about the types of maintenance issues that typically are accomplished by facility management service providers.

Routine Emergency Repairs
To address routine emergency repairs can be expensive, time consuming, labor intensive, and disrupts the organization’s day-to-day operations. Therefore sending out maintenance work to a facility management company takes this weight off the property manager’s shoulders. Facility management providers complete emergency repairs, such as unexpected electrical breakdowns, plumbing leaks, broken tiles, and fixing faulty equipment to work until it can be replaced.

Preventive Maintenance
Preventive maintenance must be done to correct any equipment issues that might become a greater problem down the road. Only experts can pinpoint potential system issues that might occur and repair them in advance. When you put a facility management professional in charge of your facility maintenance, they are responsible for tasks that prevent problems, for example:

• performing routine inspections
• partial or total equipment overhauls
• replacing lubricants
• wrapping plumbing pipes
• bleeding the HVAC equipment
• painting interiors and exterior
• monitoring HVAC equipment
• mechanical equipment maintenance
• gutter cleaning

Consider hiring an experienced facility management crew to be responsible for several different maintenance tasks in your building including floor and rug cleaning, flood clean ups, glass cleaning, updating fire extinguishers, custodial work, maintaining locks and entrances, floor maintenance, and pest control and all repainting work.

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