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November 15, 2012

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How commercial painting can protect your investment—and your customers—for the holidays

Whether your customer parking area is an enclosed garage or an open-air parking lot, your pavement will accommodate a lot of traffic during the holiday season. For your commercial facility, safety is a primary concern when it comes to parking. Of course, you also want your parking areas to be as attractive as your building, and as protected as possible from the additional wear and tear of holiday vehicle and foot traffic.

Ensuring the best for your investment

Parking garages are just as essential as the facility itself. Commercial painting contractors can help protect these important structures in many ways. One is through fresh deck coatings for your parking facility’s floor areas.

Deck coatings enhance the appearance of your flooring, provide improved traction through non-skid coatings on ramps, and minimize staining and damage by preventing water and chemicals, such as oil and gas, from soaking into your substrate.

Fire protective (intumescent) coatings are also an excellent choice for your parking garage. These coatings ensure compliance with codes and regulations, while also protecting your customers and your investment in the event of a potentially disastrous fire.

How parking facility painting improves appearance and safety

Your parking area often constitutes the very first impression customers experience, whether you operate a mall, retail store, restaurant, or other commercial business. Investing in interior and exterior wall painting for your parking garage, or fresh striping for your open-air parking lot, helps to increase visual appeal and build credibility.

It’s also essential for a commercial facility to have clear safety markings in parking areas, particularly during the holidays when traffic is heavy. Ensuring that your attendant booths, entry and exit equipment, parking lot stall markings, and handicapped markings are clearly visible keeps your customers safe, and your business protected.

What a commercial painting contractor does for your parking facility

Skilled commercial painting contractors improve the appearance of your parking lot or garage, and also deliver an additional layer of protection for heavily trafficked parking areas. Leveraging in-depth knowledge and experience, a commercial painting contractor can choose and apply the right materials to mitigate damage from wear and tear, and in some case s repair small cracks, uneven ramps, and other mild damage.

The best commercial painting contractors ensure that your business flow is not disrupted by the work being done on your parking facility—especially during the important holiday season. Your parking areas should be accessible during your business hours, so you can continue to operate and enjoy the benefits of enhanced parking facilities at the end of the project.

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