How A Commercial Building’s Color Can Add Appeal and Attract Customers

January 1, 2009

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The selection of paint colors for a commercial building should send the appropriate message to your clients and above all portray the character of your business. A business owner wants the building’s appearance to draw in their customer, but ultimately the building’s owner will want to approve of your ideas. 

Choices for building colors

Business owners with well established logos can become inspired by their own emblems. The logo can be the foundation for their choice of paint color. 

The paint color should always reflect the concept behind the business. The paint color should also complement the colors in the logo. The shades and ideas in the logo can even be extended further through the use of murals. 

When painting a historical building, a mural would indeed be an exciting option. A mural is an art form which can make the past come alive on an historical building. The choice of paint color for a historical building should convey the feeling of that period in history. Historical buildings often have distinct architectural features. The paint color should help to highlight those charming details. 

When painting commercial buildings, every business should use color to highlight their assets. The choice of paint color has to be one which portrays the business in the best possible light. 

The color has to be a comfortable fit for everyone. The paint color should never overwhelm either the business or the customer. 

So what will be the popular color choices when painting commercial buildings in 2009? 

Shades of green, earth colors, neutrals, blues

There is an ever increasing emphasis on the environment in our society. Shades of green can portray an air of caring for the environment. “Green” your business too and green will be a winner for your company! Shades of brown and neutrals connect you with nature in the colors of the earth and its natural fibers. Blues remind us of the true source of life – water. 

Bright reds, bold oranges, sunny yellows

Bright reds, bold oranges, and sunny yellows are hot colors for “hot” businesses. Vibrant colors are for businesses on the move. Bright colors reflect an optimistic and adventurous side. Children react positively to vibrant colors. What colors after all are always in that eight crayon package? Adults then will still associate bright colors with home, fun, and security. Bright colors also have an exotic air about them. Painting commercial buildings in vibrant colors lends an international air to a structure. Daffodil yellow reminds one of the French Provincial style in the South of France. Reds or reds mixed with a touch of orange have that Latin America feel. 

Royal purples

Royal purple should be the color choice for the business owner who wants to be the leading force. Royal purples remind customers of a regal influence. Choosing to paint a building in a purple hue shows one to be both unique and at the top of their game. Royal purple screams confidence! One can choose from different hues of the color purple. The color choice can range from a bold exotic purple to a soft muted shade. 

It’s your choice! Color your world! Color your customer’s world! Do business!

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