How to Choose a Color Scheme for Your Commercial or Industrial Facility

December 17, 2012

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Many people don’t realize that the color of your interior and exterior paint can make a difference in the way your commercial or industrial facility is perceived, both by your employees and your customers. With the right color scheme, you can boost employee productivity and morale, increase customer satisfaction, improve safety, and more.

A good commercial painting contractor will be aware of the effect that color can have on your place of business, and can advise you on the best colors to use, depending on the atmosphere you’re looking to create for your industrial or commercial facility.

Paint colors and productivity

Various color palettes will produce different types of moods inside or outside a building. Cool colors such as blue and green have a soothing effect that helps to improve concentration, and soft shades of blue are often best for encouraging productivity.

In creative, energetic, or collaborative environments, warm hues are effective at providing an intimate, comfortable atmosphere. Colors such as muted red, orange, and yellow promote collaboration and encourage stimulation.

Color-coding for industrial facilities

Often, an industrial facility presents a difficult working environment, and industrial business owners are primarily concerned with safety. Choosing the right color schemes for machine painting and floor traffic markings can help to preserve and promote safety for your industrial facility.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) offers detailed suggestive guidelines for color coding safety equipment and painting floor traffic markings, ranging from Safety Red for danger and stop components, to Safety Blue for informational signage. Your industrial painting contractor should use as few colors as possible for safety markings, to ensure that employees are able to remember what each color signifies.

The latest color trends

Like most commerce segments, commercial painting often follows patterns or trends. Many modern office buildings, for example, are opting to create a homey atmosphere for their employees by using a neutral color scheme, such as beige or pastel, accented by bright colors to stimulate and energize.

With retail and other commercial facilities, earth tones are currently very popular. Many of these businesses are choosing primary shades of rich, warm browns, and highlighting this natural, relaxing theme with earthy oranges or invigorating yellows.

Businesses can also choose to “go green” with environmentally friendly coatings, available in the same wide variety of tints and colors as traditional latex paint.


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