How Elastomeric Coatings Combine Form and Function

July 1, 2011

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If someone asks a painting contractor or a facility manager about the best coatings in the building industry, the reply is often elastomeric paints. This industry opinion comes from years of experience with the product. Elastomeric coating services are widely-used in facilities for the following reasons:

First, they are durable with a long life. With proper surface preparation and coatings application, elastomeric coatings contractors find the finished product can perform for over a decade.

Secondly, they exhibit high resistance to sun, snow, wind, rain, and extreme conditions. The acrylic binder found in this polymer coating has impressive tensile strength and elasticity, which is the reason behind this high resistance.

Thirdly, they perform well in nearly all kinds of exterior surfaces and applications like stucco, concrete, wood, masonry, and T-111 panels’ sidings. The latter are non-typical substrates with groves and a textured surface, and only high-performance coatings can work on them.

Lastly, elastomeric coating service applications are used to repair cracks in crack-prone vulnerable exterior surfaces.

Performance Guaranteed

Elastomeric coating services applications last more than ten years and perform well all throughout that service life. Developments in elastomeric technology brought further enhancements by creating textured elastomeric coating formulations.

The new formulations allow elastomeric coating service to stand up to the known difficulties of working with stucco and masonry. Textured elastomerics can stretch and bridge surface cracks, perfect for masonry buildings prone to water penetration when they crack. Cracks occur when the surface is assaulted with heavy physical loads, and when allowed to deteriorate further can cause serious structural problems.

Beauty Assured

Elastomeric coating service provides a strong waterproofing barrier for exterior surfaces. Stucco and masonry, and even concrete, remain beautiful despite the changes in their surrounding environment. They can resist cracking even with occasional surface movements and temperature changes. The coatings stretch and return to normal shape without appearing distorted. The results are beautiful exterior surfaces that are impervious to damages wrought by time.

Together with the special acrylic binder that imbues the coatings with tensile strength and elasticity, elastomeric coating service applications are also resistant to dirt and grime and are easy to clean and maintain. With less dirt, the exterior avoids looking grimy and worn-down and appear fresh all the time.

Coatings Selection

There are many types of elastomeric products in the market, but elastomeric coatings service contractors can easily choose the best one that guarantees both beauty and function.

The manufacturer’s product information sheet is no longer the sole basis for coatings selection. Elastomeric coatings service products are often very similar in content that it is hard to tell the difference. Everyone claims in their data sheet that their product is durable, flexible, and highly resistant to water intrusion and other damage agents. 

One way to select the coatings more accurately is to understand the surface requirements. The facility may need for their roof or walls to look good and resist fading, and the conditions surrounding the surface are one with constant exposure to the sun. In this case durable elastomeric coating service applications able to withstand weathering and sunlight should be chosen. If the roof is a part of an eco-friendly facility, solar-reflective coatings may be needed.

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