How Lead Abatement Encapsulation Works

May 1, 2012

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Unlike lead abatement removal methods which involve costly amounts of time and materials, as well as getting rid of the paint and disposing the contaminated waste at special landfill facilities, encapsulation methods leave the existing lead paint in place.

Since the health hazards of lead paint are caused by loose fragments of paint or contaminated dust, encapsulation techniques work by re-binding loose fragments of paint to the existing substrate. A solvent is applied to the paint which softens the coating and allows a properly trained worker to smooth the old paint layers down. Once the paint has been glued back in place, a tough outer coating is applied to the structure.

 Lead Abatement Encapsulation Considerations

Not all structures will be good candidates for encapsulation. The overall condition of the paint and the expected future usage of the structure are important considerations that will affect whether your building is a good candidate for encapsulation.  

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