How to Apply Industrial Tank Linings

April 27, 2009

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Industrial storage tanks, regardless of their usage and function, are commonly prone to corrosion, which is caused by the interaction of air, the tank’s contents, and the tank’s inner surface material. If not addressed sufficiently, corrosion can lead to damages. On top of the corrosion problem, storage tanks are also vulnerable to other types of damages like abrasions, rusting, and cracking, among others. When these damages are not rectified immediately, they can lead to serious loss of structural integrity, leading to potential safety and health risks.

To address this possible industrial hazard, the application of tank linings should be of paramount importance. The success elements are skilled painting contractors, appropriate tank lining materials, correct application process and quality control systems. When all of these factors are put in place, tank lining projects can effectively prolong the useful life of this important industrial equipment and infrastructure – the storage tank.

Applying industrial tank linings therefore requires an in-depth understanding of the causes and effects of corrosion and other potential damages to the storage tank. It is also a wise choice to enlist the help of expert painting contractors to identify the tank lining products that would be most effective for the specific needs of the tank. Tank lining specialists can also appraise facility managers of possible tank lining application issues and maintenance requirements, as well as execute the tank lining process with a high-degree of proficiency and quality results.

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