How to Choose Elastomeric Coatings for Your Roof

March 2, 2011

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Elastomeric coating service is commonly done on facility roofs because elastomeric is one of the most durable and high-performing coatings appropriate for roof applications. However, with many elastomeric roof products in the market, how do elastomeric coating service contractors and facility managers decide which one finally makes it as the product of choice for the facility’s roof coating needs?

It seems the product information sheet is no longer a good-enough bases for coatings selection. Elastomeric coatings service workers often encounter data sheet upon data sheet of varying elastomeric products that are so similar in content that it’s hard to tell the difference. Everyone claims their product is durable, flexible, and highly resistant to water intrusion and other damage agents. But the fact is, elastomeric is all of these, so the difference in the data sheet is minimal. Others provide information on product testing results, but these too are inconclusive for decision-making.

One way to choose is to understand the roof itself. For example, the facility may need for their roofs to look good and resist fading. This means durable elastomeric coating service applications that withstand weathering and sunlight — harsh to colored roofs and can bring on a faded appearance. The roof may be a part of an eco-friendly facility, which means it requires solar-reflective coatings to go with the overall green design. How about flat roofs that often suffer from water ponding? Water-resistant elastomeric coatings should be used. If the roof substrate is sprayed with urethane-based materials, they are vulnerable to UV damage, and in this case, UV-blocking coatings may be included in the elastomeric coating service application.

Elastomeric coating service contractors prefer sifting through the many products using this approach. They use a criteria or yardstick of measurement that depends on the actual roof conditions, the environment where the roof is, and the requirements and expectations of the facility of how their roof should be.

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