How To Choose The Right Graphic Art & Signs For Your Commercial Property

July 5, 2011

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The graphic art and signs you choose for your commercial facility will help to create a welcoming atmosphere, through the usage of various design elements. For example, a skilled commercial painting company can produce signage with a modern, edgy feel, or create graphic art with more traditional, or vintage, features.

Signs should reflect your facility’s style and purpose

Finding graphic art and signs that blend beautifully with your facility’s architecture, façade, interiors, and overall branding message is the key to making a smart investment when you order graphic signs. Signs always have a practical purpose; often, they will advertise your facility’s name, as well as information about renting space or contacting property management.

Graphic signs must be expertly composed and painted, so that they are clear and easy to read, even from a significant distance; this is why you will need the help of trained commercial painters when you look for the right designs. The best painters know how to create three-dimensional effects with different tones and types of paint. Matte, gloss, and semi-matte finishes may be combined to add depth and visual impact to graphic art and signage.

Graphic art must look professional

Since graphic art and signs are so noticeable, they will reflect, positively or negatively, on your facility’s appearance and reputation. Sloppy painting or careless design will result in an unprofessional look that turns off prospective tenants or any other people you wish to do business with. It’s important to spend a little money on getting signs you are proud of. Many people perceive handmade or amateurish graphic art & signs as a deterrent to learning more about a commercial property. Expert lettering and bright, fresh images (including a company or property logo) should be applied to the right surface material for a pleasing and long-lasting result. Keeping the design simple and paying for a professional’s expert painting skills and design knowledge will be the best ways to get signs that add value to your facility.

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