How to Fight Graffiti and Your Commercial Building Painting Project

January 1, 2009

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Fighting graffiti on commercial buildings is important for any business. Graffiti can have a bad impact on business. It presents the wrong image, and requires extra expenditure. 

Graffiti Problems

A well maintained commercial building presents a professional image. The appearance of graffiti can give the business visitor, or customer, a feeling of insecurity, and cause loss of confidence in the business. 

It takes just one piece of graffiti to spoil the appearance of a nice clean surface on a commercial building, and one piece of graffiti will encourage more. 

A constant problem with graffiti will result in lower profits for the business, as it increases financial expenditure. 

An untreated surface covered in graffiti will require the services of a professional cleaning contractor to remove it with water jetting, or abrasive blasting. Then a commercial building painting contractor will need to cover the surface with anti-graffiti paint, or an industrial coating, to prevent graffiti reappearing. 

Commercial Building Painting With Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Permanent coatings have now been formulated to repel spray paint and permanent marker ink. Graffiti applied to these coatings does not stick and can easily be removed with soap and water or using a mild chemical cleaning solution. These industrial coatings are designed to allow the underlying surface to breathe, so they are ideal for applying to brick, stone and concrete.

Industrial coatings have also been developed for more sensitive surfaces, such as sandstone, granite, historical brickwork and wood. These coatings are designed to make it easier to clean off graffiti without causing further damage. The coating will effectively prevent spray paint and market ink from sinking into the surface below, and allow it to be cleaned off safely. If they remain uncoated, these sensitive surfaces require special care in cleaning, and repeated cleaning can cause damage. 

Additional Ways of Fighting Graffiti on Commercial Buildings

Prevention of graffiti is a security issue. Well protected buildings will have regular guard patrols, night illumination or sensor tripped lighting, video cameras, and clear notices warning that the area is under constant surveillance.

Commercial Building Painting Protection

Protecting surfaces with specialist anti-graffiti industrial coatings is the most cost-effective way of fighting graffiti on commercial buildings. An efficient security system, with effective warning signs, will help to protect the building from further problems.

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