How to Get the Best Warranty for Your Deck Coating Project

January 13, 2011

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While work quality is unarguably the only important success factor for any deck coating project, facility managers should nevertheless ensure that all other details or issues about the project are addressed properly to double the chances of success.

Take the case of the deck coating warranty. It is a guarantee of quality work from deck coating contractors. But many warranties often protect only the interest of the contractor or the product manufacturer. This is why the facility manager must spend some effort examining the deck coating warranty and making sure that the terms are really beneficial for the facility.

Beyond the eagle-eyed attention that should be spent to evaluate the content of the warranty, the facility manager should also consider other aspects that can help determine whether or not the proposed warranty is satisfactory.

For one, it helps if the deck coating contractor that puts forth the warranty has the proven reputation for delivering quality performance. The warranty certainly gains more credibility if the one who issues it has a proven track record of professionalism and experience called by the job.

In discussing the warranty with the contractor, delve into the way they deal with warranties in their past projects. Conversations such as these could reveal how contractors actually view and react to warranty requirements, which in turn should offer valuable insight when it’s time to enforce your own warranty.

These clarifications will serve the purpose of ensuring an iron-clad but fool-proof warranty that supports not only the contractor’s interest but the facility’s as well.

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