How to Search for Legitimate Painting Contractors

December 28, 2010

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It’s not too difficult to find a painting contractor that will deliver quality work within reasonable budget and in the expected time frame. And yet, many stories of facility and property owners falling victim to unscrupulous painting contractors still go around.

There are many places where one can find a professional and legitimate painting contractor. Here are some ideas where one can search for them:

1. Referrals. The best and safest place to look for a painting contractor is from referrals from friends and relatives, and even colleagues who have worked with a bonafide painting contractor before. These sources will tell you the truth about their experiences and has no reason to recommend a bad contractor.

2. Local paint shops. Paint stores regularly deal with painting contractors, so they can give good and accurate recommendations of the best painting contractor in town.

3. The internet. Most legitimate contractors have their own presence advertised in the internet, listing out their services and work history in their website.

4. Community newspapers. Local newspapers carry classified ad listings where you can find professional and experienced painting contractors.

5. Yellow pages. Yellow pages also list painting contractors operating in and around the area.

In any of these sources, you need to extract the same pertinent data about the painting contractor. The information can be the quality of work done by the contractor in question, the satisfaction level of the client, the contractor’s pricing scheme, and any feedbacks or opinions about the painting contractor. All of these are relevant in your own selection process.

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