How To Select Expert Parking Lot Striping At Your Facility

July 13, 2011

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In order to run your facility efficiently, you’ll need expert parking lot striping on your commercial parking lot. The best parking lot striping will be carefully applied for long wear; special paints will also be used to ensure the correct degree of luminosity. Any competent contractors should always use professional painting tools, as well as a high grade of paint or epoxy; today’s high tech coating and paints are specially designed to repel water, to endure high traffic, and to hold their color for years.

Look for references and credentials

It’s always best to hire a commercial painting company that has proven experience in the field of parking lot striping; such a company should always offer references from previous clients, as well as industry and trade credentials that reinforce their business reputation. Consider checking rankings at trade associations, such as the Better Business Bureau or an equivalent, to confirm the overall competence of a parking lot striping service.

Seek out companies with modern equipment and trained staff

The best contractors will keep up to date on changes in parking lot striping technology; they will have a variety of high-tech parking lot striping machines on hand to produce polished, perfect painting results. However, without properly trained staff, these machines simply won’t work as well as they should. Staff with specialized skills will be able to offer a range of customized services, including straight and angled lines for single or double stalls, cross hatched sections, central lines, and rounded or square ends.

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