The Ideal Anti-Corrosion Coatings

June 23, 2009

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Elastomeric painting products that deliver a complete package of good performance, corrosion-resistance, cost-benefits, and low-VOC emissions have yet to come out in a single product, which is why paint manufacturers are working to research and design the ideal anti-corrosion coating.

There are a myriad applications that need high-performing anti-corrosion coatings, such as concrete and steel protective coatings, containments, water-proofing applications, flooring applications, joint-sealing, tank lining or coating. The ideal anti-corrosion coating must be designed for nearly all applications. And for applicability to a wide range of requirements, the basic characteristic of the ideal coating is that it should have the flexibility of elastomeric painting systems.

Another desirable characteristic for the elastomeric painting product is that it should be solvent-free to lessen the release of harmful VOCs to the environment. The coating product should also be cost-effective and can be either shop- or field-applied. And when exposed to chemical, mechanical and natural damages, the elastomeric painting product should prove to be very effective against these damaging factors.

Needless to say, the ideal anti-corrosion elastomeric painting product should have high performance capabilities that are at par with, or even exceed, current industry standards for corrosion-control coatings.

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