The Ideal Building Painting Maintenance Program

November 1, 2011

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An effective building maintenance manager will get a sense for a business operation in just a few minutes. The kind of things they search for are not at all times obvious to the employees (including management) working in the company. Although each company is different, identical principles to understanding work flow apply. The next questions are intended to help your company understand your building painting maintenance needs:

1. When was the last time your types of procedures for handling repaint requests, writing work orders and performing paint maintenance were updated, changed or created?

2. What number of manual procedures are there? Manual is defined as the filling out of paperwork or performing a function without assistance from technology that can expedite the process.

3. Is there a task flow map or set of manuals that describe how painting maintenance work is processed from start to end? Or is the task flow a collection of band-aid procedures and solutions to peeling paint problems as they come up?

4. What percentage of the painting maintenance team’s time is spent fire fighting the daily problems versus performing deliberate or scheduled painting or repainting maintenance? Is the ratio anywhere near an ideal 80% deliberate and 20% reactive (80/20) that well run building painting maintenance organizations achieve?

5. How often do you inspect painting equipment to ensure all is in optimal working condition? Do you conduct all painting jobs in house or choose a different contractor each time?

Commercial Painting Maintenance Needs

Each organization will answer these questions differently. It would be sufficient to say that if ever the answers include “not sure”, then your painting maintenance management can use an update. Updating or changing the painting team and procedures may bring greater efficiencies, lower expenses, professionalize operations and can keep your company aggressive by stabilizing or enhancing operational margins.

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