Importance Added By Paints and Coatings

December 12, 2011

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By shielding and beautifying the surfaces to which they are applied, paints and coatings enhance the worth of everything – from office buildings, to manufactured products, to bridges and other structures. This enhancement adds value far beyond the price of buying or applying the paint or coating.

Think about the automobile industry. It’s not hard to imagine what an automobile would appear like without the coatings that add value which makes it attractive and protects it. Without coatings, you’d see a car that quickly rusts, is dull in appearance, and has an extremely short useful life.

Imagine trucks, buses, farm and construction machinery and equipment without the protective coatings that keep them from rusting. Think of the worth added to appliances, metal and wood furniture, hardware, lighting . . . the list is endless. Practically every man-made product includes a coating that is necessary to protect it and maintain its usefulness.

Another important – yet less obvious – value added by coatings is the protection provided within the surface of metal cans used for packaging food and beverages. Here, the coating creates a chemically inert barrier therefore the contents cannot leach and react with the metal of the can. Protective coatings make sense.

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