Improving Lives with Industrial Coatings Applications

October 1, 2009

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Many industries perform very important functions to uphold the quality of life of the community. From industries generating and delivering needed electricity, water, oil or gas, to industrial facilities supporting even our wastewater disposal. Some industrial applications are massive in scale, such as steel infrastructures like bridges, dams, ships, airports and tanks.

Whatever the size and complexity of an industrial application, their common denominator is that when faced with routine or emergency maintenance, the best industrial coatings applications and solutions are major factors to consider.

Industrial coatings applications are key aspects of the repair and maintenance of industrial facilities, due to the role of coatings systems as the facility´s first line of defense against natural and chemical damages. Choosing the most suitable product and techniques for industrial coatings applications will reduce the cost of maintenance, labor, materials, and out-of-service time of the facility. 

Industrial Coatings Applications and Solutions

Facility managers often prefer simple yet effective industrial coatings applications in repair and maintenance issues, solutions that assure the safety of workers, building inhabitants and visitors alike.

A common wish list for industrial coatings applications include oin-site repairs to eliminate the time spent in removing, transporting, and re-installing structural parts. Often, too, facility managers avoid solutions that involve risky activities, such as heat-processing solutions, complex industrial coatings applications techniques, or environmentally-detrimental products. And when faced with a choice between refurbishing instead of replacing, facility managers would often go in favor of the former to save time and money.

Industrial Coatings Applications and Products 

The role of industrial facilities in upholding the quality of life of people in the community behooves facility managers to define a win-win solution in maintenance and repair activities. This solution is based on a clear understanding of the forces that cause industrial coatings applications to fail. Erosive and corrosive damages are the common reasons for deterioration, as well as actual physical damages due to daily interaction between maen and machine

. Industrial coatings applications must then involve the identification of coatings products that reduce labor costs, maximize application, observe health and environmental safety, but in no way diminish quality. Metallic polymers for machineries and heavy equipments, abrasion resistant elastomeric polymer linings, water proofing systems, and environment friendly polymers are some of the diverse products that can be used for industrial coatings applications. 

The Many Aspects of Industrial Coatings Applications

For industrial structures, even the failure of equipments can lead to major operational interruptions. That is why there is a need to constantly monitor, protect, and maintain these assets with industrial coatings applications that safeguard their integrity and protect from all kinds of damage-causing elements. The end-goal of implementing sound industrial coatings applications is more enduring and flexible assets — be it equipments or building surfaces.

Other important aspects of the industrial facility that benefits from effective industrial coatings applications are the HVAC systems that are expensive to maintain and repair. When industries involved in extraction of natural resources — such as oil, gas and minerals — face repair problems, this often affects the earth’s surface, some of them detrimental in the form of water contamination, toxic emissions, and general environmental hazards. The industrial coatings applications to be implemented should accommodate the complexities demanded by such industrial activities.

Whatever the industry might be, the challenges to industrial coatings applications vary only in a small way, but the search for the most efficient solutions stay the same.

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