Industrial Coatings Application Trends

July 15, 2009

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New trends in industrial coatings are pushing technological limits in coating products, giving industrial contractors and facility managers many options to choose from when it comes to selecting the best coating system for any specific industrial facility. Cutting-edge innovations in coatings formulations feature cost-effective, high-performing, long-lasting, aesthetically-improved, and environmentally-friendly products suitable for almost any type of application.

These new generation products inevitably require industrial contractors to increase their knowledge and expertise to keep up the with trend. Many industrial contractors add more specialized skills to their work force, training for more diverse and increasingly demanding application requirements. Skills in waterproofing, industrial coating and painting, tank lining, sealant caulking, and other specialized applications are added to industrial contractors‘ portfolio to allow them to handle any type, scope and scale of project.

Industrial contractors have also enhanced their skills in project planning and implementation. Their work ethics now focus on ensuring safer work environments, delivering quality coating solutions, and satisfying customer requirements. Furthermore, they have widened their database of painting products to suit any type of coating application. Industrial contractors use more innovative equipments and methodologies, with an eye in keeping costs to a minimum, while taking into consideration environmental concerns and compliance to industry standards and regulations.

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