Industrial Floor Coating Applications

May 19, 2009

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Because high-trafficked floors are constantly exposed to various activities that can lead to deterioration, and because the very nature of high-trafficked areas requires for short maintenance downtime, there is a need for industrial floor coating products that are not only quick and easy to apply, but also guarantee quality performance against varying heavy and frequent loads.

The range of applications that require industrial floor coating products differ depending on the activities of the business and the manner with which facility floors are used in any particular facility.

Service-oriented industries like hotel and restaurants, for example, require industrial floor coating products that help maintain the strict requirement for cleanliness and sanitation. The same requirement applies for public venues like concert halls, sports stadium or movie houses that require industrial floor coating products suitable for high-volume visitor traffic on a daily basis.

For these applications, the highest-performing industrial floor coating products that can remove traces of scuffs, and spills, as well as repair damages from hard-point impacts would be very suitable.

In general, industrial floor coating products should be flexible to be able to work for different types of requirements — from maintaining floor sanitation by preventing dirt, bacteria and other contaminants, to providing protection against exposure to water, oil and other water-based solutions. But the most important factors for selecting industrial floor coating products is that they should ideally be durable, environment-friendly and easy to apply.

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