Industrial Floor Coatings Plan

November 25, 2011

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After a thorough site inspection by critical personnel such as architects, engineers, or contractors, the group should be able to formulate a detailed specification of the floor coatings project. This must be carefully written because the specification will outline, on paper, the plan and resources that must be deployed to achieve project completion.

The specification must be developed considering the following:

1. The condition and history of the target floor area.
2. The quality and useful life of the concrete foundation.
3. The location of the target surface in relation to its surroundings.
4. The skills required from the coating applicators.
5. The test methods and acceptance criteria to be used.
6. The inspection methods to be used.

Factoring in these issues to the specifications will ensure that any current problems or future threats to the surface will be covered and addressed in this project. Furthermore, these data will guide the project planners in selecting the right industrial floor coating to solve the problem. For example, when the floor is found to be constantly exposed to high temperature and physical impacts, the right industrial floor coating should be one with great strength, elasticity and heat and abrasive resistance. Anything else will be inappropriate.

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