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October 1, 2009

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Industrial infrastructure may be the physical backbone of any industrial enterprise, supporting production and propelling the growth of the business, but when infrastructure shows signs of deterioration, particularly in its protective coatings, facility owners must act quickly to enlist the help of a painting company and plan for its immediate rehabilitation. Early detection, assessment, and remediation of the damage not only avoid huge costs, it also ensures lesser interruption in business processes.

The causes of infrastructure damage are varied. The presence of water or moisture, even in minute quantities, can lead to fungal or microbial growth. Erosion through the harsh scouring action of wind, air, and water can deteriorate the surface of the structure. Improper ventilation can unbalance the humidity and temperature of the infrastructure, leading to condensation or dehydration of surfaces. Chemical, physical, and corrosive attacks can also undermine the integrity of the infrastructure. 

When the infrastructure shows signs of peeling paint, cracking walls and surfaces, decaying floors, leaking roofs, moisture seepage, fungal or microbial stains, it may be time to call in a painting company with expertise in coatings rehabilitation. 

Key Factors in Infrastructure Rehabilitation

To successfully rehabilitate a deteriorating infrastructure, the painting company needs to determine the main cause of deterioration before recommending the kind of rehabilitation to be done. Through site inspection and careful study of the different aspects of the infrastructure, the painting company can get a better idea of the probable outcome of various approaches to rehabilitation. The inadequacies of the infrastructure will be revealed through the assessment process by the painting company, and the most effective remediation can be done when considering several factors. 

One of these factors is the climatic conditions surrounding the infrastructure and the effect of the climate on the building and coatings materials, with the painting company selecting the most suitable for cold, rainy, dry, humid, hot, or extreme weather conditions. The painting company should also consider the location of the infrastructure, because rehabilitating an underwater pipe structure constantly exposed in salty water is different from rehabilitating a suburban manufacturing plant, as an example. 

Other factors also require different and sometimes-opposite rehabilitative approaches, such as the function of the infrastructure, like in the case of a septic tank and a food-processing tank. The maintenance and repair history of the infrastructure, and the age of the building, are also some of the critical factors that the painting company should consider. 

Rehabilitative Coatings

The painting company often relies on rehabilitative coatings to repair the effects of the infrastructure damage. The painting company selects coating formulations that provide strong and long-term protection against any future deterioration. Many rehabilitative coatings are formulated to target specific problems such as corrosion, dampness, climatic damages, and the like. Epoxy and polyurethane products are just some of the rehabilitative coatings for industrial rehabilitation and protection. Other specialty products can be chosen by the painting company based on their characteristics and proven performance in rehabilitating problems in specific industries. 

Rehabilitative coatings may be the answer to infrastructure coating damages, but it takes a skilled coating applicator from the painting company to actually repair the damage successfully. In general, it takes a painting company with the right combination of field experience, knowledge and skills, and the proven ability to deliver based on the infrastructure owner´s expectations, that make infrastructure rehabilitation work.

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