Industrial Painting Contractors Charge Rates

January 28, 2011

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Because of the varying rates of industrial painting contractors, facility managers are advised to get 3 to 5 price quotations from a mix of big and small-sized painting companies. This allows a price comparison that helps facility managers decide more accurately which one of these industrial painting contractors is the right one for the project.

Industrial painting contractors charge clients for their services either through an hourly, daily, or fixed price rate.

Hourly Rate

Industrial painting contractors may charge clients an hourly rate for their services. This works for companies with a smaller work force wherein the time spent by each painter on the job can be tracked. This also works for very small jobs that take less than a day or so to finish.

Daily Rate

The daily rate charging is similar to the hourly rate, except that it calculates the rate on the daily work rendered by the industrial painting contractors.

Fixed or Flat Rate

The fixed rate charging scheme involves calculating how much to charge the client for the entirety of the job. Sometimes industrial painting contractors break down the charges into an hourly rate, and multiply this over the total number of hours that will be spent on the project, multiplied by the number of personnel that will work on the job.

Facility managers should be wary of industrial painting contractors that propose the lowest price. This may be a ploy to win the job, but the effect may be poor workmanship or cutting some corners during the project. Skills and experience should remain the major pricing determinant.

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