Information You Need from Painting Contractors

December 29, 2010

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In deciding on which painting contractor to hire for your facility project, getting as much information out of them gives you a more accurate basis for your decision-making. The legitimate contractors may have already faced such questions and requirements from previous clients, and will not shy away from transparency in their answers. This is what separates quality contractors from scam or rip-off artists posing as painting contractors.

Below are the standard questions or requirements that you need to ask each of the painting contractors that you are considering hiring:

1. Legal business papers. This may include licenses, registration papers, and certificates of insurance, to name a few.

2. References. A legitimate painting contractor will normally attach a list of references from previous clients in their submitted portfolio. When you have obtained this, talk to these clients and ask openly about their experience with the painting contractor.

3. Warranty. A written warranty on the work done should be required of the painting contractor. Determine the warranty period and work coverage that the painting contractor will provide to guarantee the work he will do for you.

4. Written contract. Professional contractors will consider a written contract as much as for their protection as well as yours, wherein the details of the work to be done is outlined, including time lines, project costs and payment schemes.

A painting contractor who is agreeable to the above and can comply with the requirements should move to the top of your candidate list. While non-complying contractors should be regarded as suspect until they can meet the said requirements.

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