Innovative Types of Wallpaper That Are Perfect for Business

October 1, 2011

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Commercial wallpapers add style and functionality to many types of spaces. These wallpapers are designed to withstand high use, and they are generally sold in larger lots. You may need to place a minimum order of over 25 yards when you choose this sort of wall covering for your commercial space. The benefits of using commercial wallpaper are myriad – rugged and washable, these designs are easy-care and long lasting. To get the most value out of your commercial wallpaper purchase, you must ensure expert application. In most cases, a company that specializes in hanging commercial wallpaper will do a much better job than a general contractor. 

Since commercial wallpaper is sold in larger sheets for bigger spaces, there are less seams; this means that commercial wallpapers are ideal solutions for longer walls. If your space is large and airy, the patterns found on fashionable commercial wallpapers will give the room a more intimate, comfortable feel.

Easier to maintain, with added paper weight increasing durability

The best commercial wallpaper is heavier than standard wallpaper, so it endures for much longer. It’s also easy to scrub down during regular maintenance of your property. Another advantage of commercial wallpaper is the fact that is can easily be stripped, removed, and replaced during repairs and renovations. Overall, the practicality of these special wall coverings is second to none…

Interior decoration becomes a simpler task when stylish wallpapers are there to reinforce a room’s theme or look. The hottest new designs features multi-toned effects, “faux” textures, and intricate motifs and patterns. Rich, vibrant colors and simple, neutral styles can be used to add character to commercial spaces, such as hotels, condominiums, boutiques, or offices. Edgy, industrial styles are available for a chic, modernist vibe, while more traditional patterns will create a vintage-inspired look that works beautifully for eclectic design.

There’s a commercial wallpaper for every purpose

Another key benefit of commercial wallpapers are their versatility – modern styles can be hung on many different surfaces, such as wood, concrete, brick, or drywall. Again, proper commercial wallpaper installation is extremely important. Experts know exactly which adhesives and techniques work best for different surfaces. Since you’ll need to spend money on many square feet of commercial wallpaper, you must be sure your supplies will be used as efficiently as possible. Amateurs often make messy mistakes that lead to undesirable results and a wastage of valuable materials. Finding the right wallpaper specialist to install wallpaper in your commercial space can save you money in the long run.

What do commercial wallpapers consist of?

Most commercial wallpapers are crafted from durable vinyl. To get a layered, designer effect, a base pattern of wallpaper can be used along with a contrasting border that adds dimension and richness to your property’s décor. In many cases, commercial wallpaper will begin at about four to five dollars a yard – of course, the most desirable styles will be more expensive. Commercial wallpapers can also feature exciting secondary benefits, including premium fireproofing and water-resistance – these extra features will help to improve safety at your building. The best PVC wall coverings will also be eco-friendly – they will be carefully constructed to minimize damage to the environment. 

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