Intumescent coatings not just beneficial for steel structures

June 14, 2012

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An epoxy intumescent will last longer than its prettier counterpart. This special substance gets harder and thicker, so it is much more difficult for it to corrode. Furthermore, it is made without water, so it will not be subject to damage from freezing and thawing. Special epoxies also exist for pipes. When pipes are exposed to fire, they melt and burst. This can be extremely dangerous depending on what is inside those pipes. Intumescents have been created that expand with enough force to close the pipe when it expands to prevent leakage.

Intumescent coatings are not just beneficial for steel. They can also be applied to sheet rock, wood, foams, sheet metal, fiberglass, and carbon graphite. The uses range from offices, restaurants, marine applications, military applications, hotels, churches, schools, electricity and telephone poles, indoor stairways, and much more. Different coatings have higher or lower fire ratings, so it is important to research available products and the needs of your structure.

Correct application is crucial because poorly applied intumescents cannot perform at maximum efficiency. Many intumescent products are non-toxic, required to be safe for the environment, and designed to keep smoke levels down. This amazing substance has transformed architecture by making it possible to use steel beams in places where special fire-retardant boards were necessary before.

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