Is the Wallpaper in Your Workplace Practical?

October 1, 2011

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No matter whether you are heading up an exciting new refurbishment of your business’ commercial properties, or coordinating the decorations for a brand-new addition to your portfolio, the wallpapers that you choose to use throughout the building can speak volumes.

Is your wallpaper practical for meeting business objectives?

In the current business world, corporate and social responsibility is ranking high on the agenda. Companies want to show their consumers and clients that they are ethical and environmentally friendly. Because of this, maybe you should consider eco-friendly wallpaper paste, bulk-buying rolls of wallpaper that have been sourced from sustainable forests, and investing in pre-printed designs that are free of chlorine? Every little afterthought when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions can go a long way.

Is your wallpaper practical for making customers in your commercial properties feel comfortable and relaxed?

In hotels, restaurants and cafes, clientele base a lot of their decisions on first impressions. If they like the décor of the establishment, it’s likely that they will return for a visit in the future. Because of this, choosing a practical wallpaper if you are coordinating a uniform look across a chain of outlets is essential. Why not opt for faux leather wall coverings that add luxury to the dining experience? When bought in large quantities, there is the opportunity for savings to be made, with a reliable and consistent image across all of the commercial properties you are responsible for.

Is your wallpaper practical for sustaining bumps, scratches, wear and tear?

In the frenzied environment of the workplace, accidents can happen, and walls can become damaged. However, with toughened vinyl wallpaper reducing the chance of scratches, dents and the walls in an office looking unkempt and messy, you can make a practical acquisition that will serve as a long-term investment.

Is your wallpaper practical for complementing your office’s image?

With a color scheme of dark red and white in an office, a bright yellow wallpaper looks impractical, out of place and inappropriate. Selecting the right wall covering contractors shouldn’t be an afterthought at all – instead, it should be something you deliberate carefully to guarantee a transformation that’s completed to your satisfaction.

Wall covering contractors can allow you to make all of the right decisions when it comes to finding a practical solution for decorating a commercial property. It can be difficult to make sense of the wide range of wallpapers and wall coverings you will be presented with. You could consider evaluating the purchasing decisions of other businesses that have an extensive network of commercial properties, stores and offices.

What will be an impractical choice of wallpaper for a business?

If you represent a factory that works with liquids, with the risk of spillages, you shouldn’t go for a wall covering that isn’t easy to clean, or a solution that will stain quickly. This can make your business environment look messy, unprofessional and unhygienic relatively quickly. Equally, if expansion is a prospect for the future, make sure that the wall covering contractors you choose will have stock of your chosen wallpaper for the years ahead. If you acquire new commercial properties, the last thing you want is to find that the wallpaper you usually decorate with is discontinued or unavailable.

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