Is Your Commercial Deck Waterproofing Failing?

February 21, 2011

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Commercial decks are very vulnerable to water exposure. This is not surprising in light of the fact that these architectural elements are typically constructed at the building exteriors. Moisture intrusion can bring damage unless the decks are protected with the right commercial deck waterproofing system.

When commercial decks lose the battle against water, the result is not pleasant. The decks look unclean and unattractive. This becomes a problem for commercial buildings like hotels and shopping malls that need all areas of the facility to be appealing to customers and visitors. When the existing commercial deck waterproofing system fails, structural problems may occur. Cracks and holes may appear. A deteriorating deck also loses its skid and abrasive resistance, intensifying the problem for the facility by introducing possible safety risks.

To protect commercial decks from water damages, commercial deck waterproofing should be installed. Furthermore, the decks must be checked regularly for coatings damage and should be consequently maintained and, if necessary, repaired.

It’s a good idea to consult a professional commercial deck waterproofing contractor to deal with the deck coatings system damage. They have the expertise, tools and application methodologies to address the issue. They may need to conduct deck blasting before restoring the commercial deck waterproofing system. They may only need to do a fresh re-coat of the coatings system, if the failure is minimal.

However, if the decks are badly damaged, more activities maybe involved, such as choosing the right epoxy or elastomeric coatings to provide fresh protection, or pouring in a mix of coatings and aggregates to restore skid resistance, or even applying decorative and waterproofing coatings that also restore the beauty of the deck.

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