Keeping Industrial Floors Clean

November 10, 2010

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Industrial floors last much longer with industrial floor coatings that maintain cleanliness and prevent dirt and stains from penetrating the floor surface. Clean floors also look good despite years of operations. And more important, bacterial colonies are denied any chance of thriving in clean floors, thereby preventing pests and diseases. It is no laughing matter when a facility is having a rodent infestation just because food crumbs are dropped constantly on the floors. Worse, chemical and toxic spills often occur in manufacturing shop floors and can lead to safety risks.

There are many industrial floor coatings solutions to choose from, each suiting any facility’s budget and performance requirements. But when cleanliness is a major criterion, epoxy resins-based industrial floor coatings are known for their high-resistance to stains and dirt. This type of industrial floor coatings promote good hygiene because they do not allow dirt or dust particles to embed on the surface, thereby keeping floors clean for much longer periods of time. Such industrial floor coatings make floor surfaces easy to clean and therefore require less-frequent maintenance.

Beyond promoting clean floors, these industrial floor coatings come in a wide variety of colors and are flexible for use in concrete and other surfaces. They provide the same toughness and durability as regular floors and retain their high resistance to stains despite heavy loads and traffic — perfect for warehouses and shop floors constantly trafficked by forklifts, trucks, and heavy machineries.

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