Key Factors in Infrastructure Rehabilitation

August 12, 2009

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For effective rehabilitation of a deteriorating infrastructure, the painting company first determines the main cause of deterioration. Identifying the root cause of damage is important so that the painting company can recommend what kind of rehabilitation needs to be done. Through site inspection and careful study of the infrastructure, the painting company can get a better idea of the probable outcome of various approaches to rehabilitation. The inadequacies of the infrastructure will be revealed through the assessment process, and the most effective remediation can be done when considering several factors.

One of these factors is the climatic conditions surrounding the infrastructure and the effect of the climate to the building and coatings materials, with the painting company selecting the most suitable for cold, rainy, dry, humid, hot, or extreme weather conditions. The location of the infrastructure is also another key factor considered by the painting company, because rehabilitating an underwater pipe structure is different from rehabilitating a suburban manufacturing plant, as an example.

Other factors also require different and sometimes-opposite rehabilitative approaches, depending on the function of the infrastructure. The painting company deploys a different rehabilitation method for a septic tank as opposed to a food-processing tank. History of the infrastructure when it comes to maintenance and repairs, as well as the age of the building, are some of the other critical factors that the painting company considers in rehabilitation projects.

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