Lasting Floors with Epoxy Resin Flooring Solutions

March 18, 2011

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When you aim for seamless flooring applications for your commercial or industrial floors, one of the primary requirements that should be absolutely met by epoxy resin flooring contractors is floor longevity. Floors are perhaps the most heavily weighed down features of any building. They bear the weight of countless feet and machinery. The epoxy resin flooring system that should be installed is one that can withstand these loads and last for a very long time.

Some epoxy resin flooring contractors use concrete sealers and dust-proof formulations to strengthen the floor surface. A hardener is also used to bolster the physical properties of concrete and allow it to reach its maximum rigidity and durability. The epoxy resin flooring system is installed using these formulas to ensure that a flawless, seamless and dust-proof surface is achieved.

The epoxy resin flooring system is protected from chemical and water penetration that can enter the concrete’s otherwise porous surface. When these materials seep into concrete, they result to cracks and holes that undermine the longevity of the floors. Concrete sealers reinforce concrete and turn it into a solid impermeable mass that is resistant to chemical and water intrusion. The seamless quality of the epoxy resin flooring withstands constant heavy traffic, and self-polishes as time goes by. The more traffic bears down on it, the more the seamless floors look better.

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