The Latest Color Trends for Commercial Facilities

December 20, 2012

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Much like clothing styles, certain colors and color schemes tend to move in and out of favor. There are definite trends for interior and exterior colors when it comes to commercial and industrial painting.

For example, the 1920s and ’30s were dominated by pastel hues, which gave way to a curious blend of drab “camouflage” and patriotic colors through the majority of the 1940s in support of World War II. Brighter colors emerged in the rebellious 1960s, while earth tones and muted primary colors gradually crept in over the ensuing decades, along with the return of pastels.

Here, we’ll take a look at the latest color trends that commercial facilities are using to enhance their interior and exterior spaces in accordance with the current fashions.

There’s no place like the office

In an effort to create a homier and more comfortable environment, many office buildings are choosing warm, neutral colors such as beige or pastels. This is especially helpful for windowless spaces that contain only artificial light. Commercial facilities may use bright colors as accents to the theme, on surfaces like doors, corridors, and molding.

While the offices themselves favor neutral colors, conference rooms and other shared areas may use warm, muted tones such as orange, red, or yellow to stimulate creativity and encourage cooperation.

Creating cozy retail spaces

For commercial locations that cater to on-site customers, the new color trend is moving toward comfort. Sophisticated earth tones have shown a positive effect, and popular color combinations are rich, warm browns accented by muted orange or vibrant yellow.

Commercial facilities are also choosing cool reds, bold blues, and light to medium shades of gray as basic colors for both interior and exterior painting.

High-end color trends

Upscale and specialty shops are leaning toward the royal end of the color spectrum. Once an unusual choice, purple is now used to create an atmosphere of luxury and consumer confidence in quality. Deep, rich blues can produce the same effect. These color choices are more suitable for exterior commercial painting, as dark interiors can be unwelcoming.

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