Lead Paint Abatement Contractor Costs

November 18, 2010

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The lead abatement industry is abuzz over a new EPA regulation that takes effect this 2010. This regulation requires all abatement practitioners and contractors to undergo a certification program for lead paint abatement. The program will cover specific rules to implement lead paint abatement and removal activities. The legislation also requires proper work area containment to minimize dust disturbance and furniture to be moved to a certain distance away from the work site.

Some quarters are concerned over the costs of undergoing the certification program, which can be an additional burden that contractors may have no choice but to pass on to customers. Add to this the possibility of competing with unscrupulous uncertified contractors who can offer lead abatement services for less money.

Many states already require lead abatement contractors to undergo training classes for lead paint abatement, which can cost around $300. More advanced lead paint abatement trainings cost higher. Add to this the additional costs involved in obtaining a project permit, business license and accreditation, and the like.

Contractors also need to develop project testing and waste disposal plans that comply with the new regulations, driving up the cost of the project even higher. Since specialized equipments and materials for lead paint abatement work are also expensive, such as HEPA vacuum filters, sheeting materials, and worker gear, the project incurs further costs.

This additional EPA regulation can cost contractors a few hundred dollars more per lead paint abatement project.

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