Lead Paint Abatement Grant Programs

November 17, 2010

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To ease up the costs of lead paint abatement projects, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has tasked the Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control (OHHLHC) to take charge of grant programs involving lead paint abatement projects.

Lead-based Paint Hazard Control Program (LHC)

The LHC Grant Program awards up to 30 grants every year to local governments, States and Native American Tribes. Up to $3M per grant is used for lead paint abatement projects as well as in identifying and controlling lead hazards in properties.

Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration Program (LHRD)

The LHRD Grant Program consists of 12 yearly grants of up to $4M each, awarded to the same beneficiaries as in the LHC Grant Program. This specifically targets lead paint abatement activities in 1940s-built rental properties.

Operation Lead Elimination Action Program (LEAP)

The LEAP Grant Program targets private sectors and organizations in creating programs for lead paint abatement that are funded from private sector sources. There are around 6 $2M-grants awarded yearly under this program.

Lead Outreach Program (LOR)

The LOR Grant Program awards 4 $500,000 grants yearly to academic institutions and organizations as well as local governments, States and Native American Tribes in public awareness campaigns on childhood lead poisoning prevention and lead paint abatement activities.

Other grant programs under the OHHLHC are the Lead Technical Studies Program (LTS), the Healthy Homes Technical Studies Program (HHTS) and the Healthy Homes Demonstration Program (HHD).

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