Liquid Glass: A Remarkable New Coating

June 28, 2013

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An innovative new coating has been patented in Turkey. Known technically as SiO2 ultra-thin layering, it is in essence a liquid glass spray.

The coating uses silica which is what glass is normally manufactured from. The compound is extracted from quartz sand and combined with either water or ethanol. There are no additional compounds added.

The coating bonds at the nano level due to the quantum forces that exist at that level. This means that it is extremely thin, (about 30 molecules thick or 100 nanometers).

Liquid glass can be sprayed on nearly any surface. It provides protection from water, dirt and bacteria. It is even resistant to acids.

It has already been used by some German food processing companies. Their studies have shown that it is resistant to bacterial contamination, and due to its unique properties, requires less noxious cleaning products to achieve sterile status. Where bleach was formerly used for cleaning, the coated surfaces required only a hot water rinse to clean them thoroughly.

Because liquid glass is water resistant it can be used by water proofing contractors in various applications. It is extremely thin, virtually invisible and remains flexible upon curing. It is already being considered for protecting outdoor monuments from water and weathering in both Turkey and the UK.

The product is also environmentally friendly. Since it can be water based in its chemical makeup, it is harmless to the environment. It is non- toxic. It is easily cleaned with only a cloth and/or water. This means less cleaning chemicals entering the environment.

The applications are virtually limitless. In the future it may even be utilized on bandages and equipment in hospitals or on crops to combat fungus.

The face of coatings is constantly changing, and liquid glass is one instance of the seemingly impossible becoming a reality.

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