The Long Service Life of Decorative Concrete

November 24, 2010

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Concrete is known for its durability and strength. This mixture of cement, water and sand result to concrete slabs that have amazing rigidity and can withstand nearly all kinds of physical loads. Concrete foundations are preferred for many construction projects precisely because of this reason. When decorative concrete coatings are used for ordinary concrete floorings, the transformation not only turns decorative concrete into floor systems with superior strength and longevity, but attractive floors that enhances the aesthetic value of the facility.

With concrete’s strength as its main advantage, it stands up well against any type of load — be it heavy machineries, constant pedestrian and vehicular traffic. When concrete is impervious to physical impacts, it deteriorates less rapidly. Cracks appear slowly, and with the aid of decorative concrete coatings, concrete floors become even more resistant to damage agents such as chemicals, water, and wind, to name a few. With concrete virtually impregnable, the useful service life of concrete floors is more extended than other flooring materials.

Concrete, which is originally known for being merely strong and functional, has been elevated into the level of aesthetic sophistication found only in carpets, wood coverings, linoleums and the like. Decorative concrete coatings products lend color and a more pleasing appearance to normally-gray concrete. The development of decorative concrete techniques such as staining, stamping, acid-etching, polishing concrete, to name a few, gives concrete additional leverage to be accepted as a practical and attractive choice of flooring material.

Concrete combines both beauty and functionality into one package, making it an ideal solution for perking up otherwise lackluster surfaces for long periods of time.

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