The Longevity Game: Chemical Resistant Deck Coatings

September 21, 2009

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Because deck areas are heavily trafficked locations in industrial facilities, they often bear the brunt of physical damages than any other rooms of places in the facility. Decks often play host to heavy machineries and equipments, not to mention the constant flow of people accessing these areas for various functions all throughout the day.

Chemical spillage is one of the most common causes of coatings failure in deck areas, causing the gradual loss of coating integrity. When chemical damages result to deck coatings discoloration, cracking and an unsightly general appearance, these are signs that the deck coatings are nearing the end-of-life. Chemical and toxic spills are particularly risky and detrimental when ignored, and may cause chemical inhalation and absorption to humans, or flammability in the premises. When deck coatings weaken due to these assaults, facility owners often wish for more enduring and long-lasting deck coatings.

When it comes to longevity, deck coatings designed to be more chemical-resistant usually have a better chance for prolonged useful life. But despite the breakthroughs in paint technology, longevity in deck coatings still need careful pre-application preparation for it to be installed properly. Together with skilled painting application, this triumvirate of enduring paint, proper surface preparation and careful application are the crucial elements to make the deck coatings system last longer and provide longer service in the facility.

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