Low-Risk High Rise Painting

September 6, 2010

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High rise painting of commercial and industrial buildings offers unique challenges to painting contractors and facility managers. Dealing with the altitude is a major factor in the success or failure of high rise painting applications. Compliance to the Building Code, fire and other safety standards has to be assured, and permits have to be secured. As part of a periodic building maintenance, high rise painting pose safety challenges as high as the building itself.

The safety of the high rise painting crew should be secured as they go about their painting activities during the course of the project. The higher they paint, the greater the risk to their safety. The crew should have the right training and skills to perform safe high rise painting activities. Furthermore, the appropriate equipments and resources should be made available to support work and assure the workers’ safety as they go about their tasks. And lastly, there should be a sound operating procedure that observes safety precautions, and the support and emergency systems to be activated in the event of untoward accidents.

The second safety issue involves the building’s occupants. Their personal safety should not be compromised at any time during the high rise painting project. The use of equipments and paint materials should not bring harm to their well-being, during and even after the painting process.

Lastly, the safety of the passersby and traffic below the building should also be maintained. As with other construction or building renovation activities, measures should be implemented to prevent project materials and debris from falling and harming people below.

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