Low-VOC is Not Non-Toxic

April 12, 2012

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Low-VOC does not mean non-toxic. This term only means that fewer damaging components are present within the product. These products can still contain ammonia, acetone, fungicides and biocides. For a nearly non-toxic paint, choose no-VOC paint, however keep in mind that adding pigments into the paint can slightly raise the VOC levels.

Conventional oil-based paints are probably the most toxic and have become limited in use; and although common latex paints are safer and much more regularly used, they can also still include excessive ranges of VOCs, determined by the brand. As compared, low- or no-VOC paint is a high quality, cost-effective painting alternative that’s safe for the atmosphere and also the property owner.

Remember that low-VOC does not mean the paint is entirely non-toxic and safe. Zero-VOC and natural paints are the ideal products for environmentally aware or chemically sensitive customers, nevertheless ensure to carefully examine the labels on any product marked “no-VOC,” as many still include biocides and fungicides. With a lot of products off-gassing harmful components, do yourself, and the environment a good turn and utilize products that are naturally derived and not dangerous for everyone concerned.

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