Low-VOC Polyurethane Deck Coating

July 20, 2009

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For facility maintenance and repair projects involving decks, a range of low-VOC polyurethane-based formulations have come out of manufacturers’ labs to widen the choices available to building owners and managers. This new line of deck coatings offers flexibility in any type of climate and weather conditions. The low-VOC polyurethane deck coatings are more functional and come with decorative characteristics. These unique features make low-VOC polyurethane deck coatings ideal for repairing, protecting, and enhancing all types of decks in industrial and commercial facilities.

How do polyurethane deck coatings deliver and maintain deck quality? For one, these deck coatings are commonly liquid-applied single-components coatings. Polyurethane deck coatings products also come in concrete, gray, or tan colors, adding more choices than before. Furthermore, low-VOC polyurethane deck coatings are moisture-cured and slip-resistant, which makes them very suitable for waterproofing highly-trafficked or pedestrian areas such as parking decks and roof decks.

Low-VOC deck coatings are also appropriate for exterior and interior applications because they retain their elastomeric properties even in extreme temperatures like freezing weather or intensely hot climate.

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